Power and Purpose Workshops

Tap into your purpose and figure out how to get allies

We are so busy in life, bombarded with opinions and advice from everyone else, it is nearly impossible to feel clear in your own voice, in your own purpose. And power is so incredibly corrupted, that we have no idea how to advance our purpose with others in a way that feels good and brings everyone higher. 

All of these factors contribute to a loneliness or emptiness in most people. You can see the effect of that isolation on our world. 

The antidote is strengthening our body's voice and intuition so we can listen and learn. Our body speaks to us through sensations (flutters in our stomach, heaviness in our heart, shakiness in our limbs). When we tune in, we can find meaning. We can get clarity and take action. 

Taking action is more successful when we have the tools to influence the people around us, to give them a role in our path. When we bring in our community, they get to help us and be inspired by us and tune into their own purpose. 

True power carries a life force that makes us and the people around us feel good. It is not oppressive, it is creative and freeing. 

Workshops are full of experiential role plays and paired experiential activities. They will challenge you, inspire you, and bring you home to yourself. 

If you want to host a workshop, email us and set up a time to chat. 

Image by Angelina