The Art of Flirting

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Flirting is an art form. Like all art forms, there are many different styles within a single medium. No style is wrong or better, but an artist must know the style that aligns with their natural personality and disposition. However, dabbling in other styles can be fun.

With my flirting class coming up, I wanted to consider my own personal flirting style...

My style is to make him blush. I get such a delicious rush from finding something specific that I like about a person's attitude or appearance and putting my attention on him to read his body language so that I can feel if its right... then dropping my voice softer as if telling him a secret and giving him a very specific compliment, like "You have excellent taste in shoes."

My style is to challenge. I might give someone a task that would allow them to make me happy, such as asking a waiter to surprise me because I cannot decide on my meal. I'll look them in their eye and present them with my delightful problem. "Ahhh it all sounds so amazing. I just cannot decide. Can you help me? Actually, you know what I'd really love? Could you just decide for me and surprise me?" I love to see people rise to the challenge and feel really proud when I'm loving their choice.

Flirting is the art of connecting with someone and enjoying yourself in their presence. Without the connection part, it is not flirting. It could potentially border on harassment.

My style is generous. I do not flirt for the sake of dating, hooking up, or to get upgrades and free shit (though that often happens!). I flirt with strangers, coworkers, dogs, and babies because it makes me feel joyful and alive and that continues the cycle of flirting. The brighter my light is shining, the more naturally and easy it comes to flirt with the people I encounter. You can see proof of this when you are out on vacation! You get in the pleasure zone and people flock to you. Everyone is flirting with you and you are flirting with them and it just continues on in this delicious cycle of fun and laughter and turn on.

My goal in flirting classes is to help people find their perfect style of flirting, one that is authentic to them, helps them shine and feel like their most charming self. Maybe the coy "chase me" persona, or the more aggressive provocateur? Maybe it is just about shaking it up, playing in the full spectrum and letting the creativity flow.

No matter what style, no matter the props or body language, practice makes perfect. I cannot wait to make every single one of my students feel irresistible with all the outrageous fun practice we do!

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