I am the space you dance in

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I am not traveling the world. I am not documenting every sunrise, sharing every detail of my perfect love life, or practicing yoga on the beach daily. I am not completely healed, even after doing 3 years of work to unwrap my soul and re-build it.

I don't know everything I want from life yet.

I lash out at my partner. I make mistakes and I fail.

I am here, right in front of you. I resist the title "teacher" because I don't teach you about yourself. I do not know more about you than you. I am not the key or the gatekeeper.

I am the space you dance in.

I am the open arms in which you may seek refuge.

We all need space to be who are are, to find out what makes our bodies tingle and our souls shine. Check out our events that are meant to bring on the tingles and the feels and the shine.

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