Green Consulting

For your home or business

It is overwhelming to think about all the places that we are inhaling, ingesting, and absorbing chemicals that cause health and quality of life problems for our families. We are here to make that process easier by providing custom solutions for your family or business.

Go Non-toxic

So many toxins, from food to clothes to cleaning and personal care products. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride - endocrine disruptor) on our shower curtains. Aluminum (neurotoxin) in deodorant. 1,4-Dioxane (carcinogen) in body wash, detergent, and baby wash. BPA and BPA alternatives (hormone disruptors) in our food containers and baby bottles. Triclosan (endocrine disruptor) in our toothpaste after the government deemed it too harmful to be in our hand soaps.

Go sustainable

As we consider the environment in our choices, we are investing in our future. Every sustainable alternative we choose means cleaner air, extended life for natural resources, and less toxins impacting our lives on the daily. Sustainability is related to reducing waste, buying items with responsible use of resources in the processing, final product and packaging.

Use your dollars wisely

As a consumer, you can choose what companies to support with your dollars. As a business, you can draw in customers by making earth-friendly choices that are good investments in the earth too. People are more willing than ever to make these issues a priority when making purchases, so businesses need to start taking notice for the sake of their bottom line. 

If you're interested in being more green in your home or business, email us to customize a plan.