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We are an inclusive community space that connects people with resources, activities, and classes which are devoted to ensuring that we collectively leave this earth better than we found it.


Our story

Meet. Love. Babies. Business.

When we met, we had a difficult first date. We were forced to be honest with each other about what went wrong if we wanted to continue dating. Which set the tone for our entire relationship - full of honest, open communication. 

We both care about living full lives and making this world better. When we were expecting the boys and our doctor told us it was a high risk pregnancy, we switched to a midwife because we wanted to enjoy the adventure and spend less time worrying about everything that could "go wrong." We re-vamped our home with all natural cleaning supplies and personal care products, because we felt that inhaling chemicals while cleaning was way worse than the "soft cheeses" that doctors warned me about.

We did obsessive amounts of research on natural, eco-friendly products for the babies and for our home. We work hard to reduce waste and use sustainable products. We also make every effort to parent pleasurably - we each take breaks and do things for us. We look for ways to grow every day. 


The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.

Dean Ornish

Ray of Light

Greenify your Life

Our community makes sustainability a top priority with reduced waste initiatives. We use safe non-toxic products in our space, and we will be creating a barefoot organic garden. We share our expertise so that people can become informed and discerning consumers.


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Rave Reviews

Happy Clients


"I enjoyed your class very much!! I got the chance to use a couple of the techniques I learned during a scene with fab results!! Thank you again for doing the class. All the best to you. And Chris too! Take care."


"Thank you so much for yesterday! I wasn't sure what to expect goin in but it was great way to start my journey. I feel a little more confident to start experimenting now. Thanks again"


I have never been able to tell people how I feel until your class. I always felt awkward asking people for things and now I see how it benefits us both! Since your class, my boyfriend has started to do things for me before I even ask! It's so true that people can feel our energy. 

I figured out what I wanted to do after I lost my job. I am forever grateful for the tools that helped me find my calling! 




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